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Nov 14 2008

It’s official: Non-profit status!

SART has obtained its 503 (3) (C) non-profit status! We are now able to receive donations from the public, which the public can then declare as a donation for tax returns. This is a huge development in the organization of SART. We are now able to apply for grants that are only available to non-profit organizations.

We are constantly researching and learning things we can do to help our cause and seeking any financial support that may be available to help. Many of the grants are available only after the non-profit organization has been established for a fiscal year, so several options can’t be offered to SART for many months. Because of this, we will depend on the hearts of people like you to help us out financially through this period.

It is important to know that all money donated goes directly to the care of the cats. There are no salaries paid, no insurance paid, and no money is used for any other purpose besides for food, litter, medical needs and the overall well-being of the cats residing in our shelter. Your money will go directly to their care and maintenance.

In return for any contributions, SART will provide an official receipt for the donation. This can be used when completing the donor’s annual tax returns.

We are very excited about this step in our organization and hope to be able to flourish financially so that the care for the cats is the best that it can be. You can only imagine how much food AND litter the shelter goes through taking care of 60 cats. And when the little ones are of age, they need to be spayed or neutered and given shots so that they will grow healthy and become wonderful animals ready to be adopted into a home like yours.

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