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Dec 21 2008

Iams Home 4 the Holidays pet drive

SART has joined with Iams in their 10th annual Home 4 the Holidays pet drive. Iams is determined to find 1 million cats, kittens, dogs and puppies new permanent, loving homes through the holiday season. SART has become involved in this drive and we are proud to be a member of a very worthwhile cause. An excerpt about shelter adoption follows, which I believe is very true. Families see a cute kitten in a window of a pet shop while they are out Christmas shopping and impulsively purchase the kitten, only to realize a few weeks later that it was not good for their situation, and out the animal goes. BUT, if a family takes the time out to find a shelter, come visit a shelter, and spend time amongst the animals, their decision becomes one out of true love and devotion to the situation.

From Iams’ website in the Home 4 the Holiday campaign:

“Q: Do people make emotional decisions to adopt then bring the pets back in January?

A: Definitely not! An example of an emotional decision is when a family stops in the pet store at the mall and buys a new pet without considering the lifelong commitment or the responsibility of pet ownership. But once a family that makes a conscious decision to visit an animal shelter or pet rescue organization to find a pet that matches their lifestyle, they are reaching out and asking for our help.

If we do our jobs and complete quality adoptions in October, November, and December we will not see any more returns than we do at any other time of year! In fact, most participating shelters and rescues report even lower returns from IH4TH than they do at other times of year. This year our goal is to find loving, lifelong homes for 1,000,000 orphaned pets.

But our advice to you during Iams Home 4 the Holidays is the same as it is year-round. Concentrate on quality adoptions and we’ll reach our IH4TH goal “ONE ADOPTION AT A TIME”! Thank you for being a part of Iams Home 4 the Holidays 2008….the greatest pet adoption drive in history!”

SART is very proud to be involved in this effort.

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