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Mar 17 2009

Update on Lucky

At his one week check up at the vet’s office, I was concerned because his appetite has decreased, and he still seems to be in pain at times.  Upon a more thorough examination which was possible because he was cleaner and more capable of movement, we discovered two large areas where he is completely raw and absent of skin – most likely from being rolled by a car.  Those areas, which went undetected initially due to dirt, matted fur and bigger issues, were shaved around and cleaned up.  He has circulation in his back legs, and he has reflexes – he is unable to sit or stand due to the healing process causing pain, weak muscles and probably lack of desire at this point.  Lucky has a fighting spirit, however, and has trust.  He was negative for feline leukemia test – we will wait a week to see if there is more improvement.  It is up to him.

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