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May 29 2009

Homes Needed

We have a litter of kittens that were rescued from a building burn down by a local fire department.  The kittens were only 2 weeks old and had to be bottle fed and washed and held and loved.  As a consequence, they are the most loving and sweet little 8 weeks old kittens.  I have been finding good, loving inside homes for t hem, and are down to 3 left from the 7.  If anyone is considering adding a new addition to your home, or have never had a cat, and want to try, these would be wonderful!  I would truly love to just find a good home for the 3 together – they grow up together and are best friends for years – but would consider breaking apart the group.  They are all female and sweet.  Call me at 419-733-3650 if you would like to meet these little ones.

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