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Mar 16 2011

Amazement is the word of the week at SART. We have been amazed at the never-ending amount of physical work there continues to be to clean up our buildings and grounds. We are amazed at the kindness of people who …

Mar 15 2011

As we continue on with the recovery, it is not very difficult to see just how close the SART family has become. It's a big part of the lives of everyone involved. We'd like to share a poem written by our very own hard-working volunteer, Denise, reflecting back on the day of the flood [...]

Mar 14 2011

We would like to thank the Your News Now team and WLIO for helping to spread the word about the flooding at SART. You can read the full article online by clicking here.

If you would like to find …

Mar 07 2011

Last Monday morning, a flash flood hit SART’s property. We walked through waist-high water for 4 hours rescuing all 297 cats and kittens that reside at SART. The volunteers were then evacuated from the property by boat! Since that day, …

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