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Jan 04 2012

“Where Am I?”

One of our very dedicated volunteers wrote the following after spending the day acclimating new kitties rescued from the street, having been left by their owners.


Where am I?

Where am I?
I don’t recognize this place.
A lot of people around me
But I don’t see your face

There are bars all around me
This is a small cage
I don’t know whether to cry for your help
Or scream out in a rage

Why did you leave me here?
This is not my home!
I don’t understand
Why you left me alone

I did all that you asked
And all that you said
I went in the litter box
And laid in my bed

I stayed out of the curtains
Kept my claws to myself
Stayed off of the counters
And off of your shelf

You said your kids wanted me
Where are they now?
Not one of their faces
Do I see in this crowd

Where is your lap?
Did I not keep it warm?
You wanted the mice away
So the mice I did harm!

I have feelings, too
And these feelings they hurt
Am I nothing more to you
Than a tiny piece of dirt?

A strange person is coming
I’m going to go hide
I’m scared, I’m alone
I can’t take this in stride!

She opens my cage door
A little hesitant she seems
Really I’m not a bad kitty
And I’m really not mean

I still hide and I hiss
But she seems to ignore
She puts some canned food
Through my cage door

Wow this stuff is yummy
Maybe this place is ok
She talks to me gently
Then just goes on her way

I’m watching, I see her
As she goes to each cage
Why aren’t the other kitties
Showing their rage?

They jump and they claw
Wanting her affection
Am I not good enough
To get this attention?

Is she really this nice?
Can I really believe?
That she can love me for me?
Not turn her back and leave?

Here she comes again
I don’t know what to do
She tells me she only
Wants to clean up my poo

This is not happening!
You are not coming in here!
Watch yourself!
You better stay clear!

She is still very calm
Tells me it will be ok
I growl and I hiss
But she still comes my way!

She is whispering something
Maybe I should listen…
Her voice is so soft
And seems in a distance

“Humans, they suck
I could never tell you why
They think you are cute when you are little
When you are big, its goodbye

You are safe here
In our arms at SART
Maybe we will be together forever
Maybe someday we will part

But remember this sweet one
You are awesome in your own way
And the people at SART
Will remind you of this every day.”

Your humans deserted you
That is their fault
You will never again
Have to feel their assault

We love you the same
As we do every kitty
The humans, well
We feel such a pity

We know humans are the problem
And you kitties not so much
What’s done to all of you
Seems so unjust

So rest my little one
Your heart is safe here with us
Your wants are so special
Your needs a must!

We love you every way
A kitty should be loved
You are our cats
And you are beloved!

We are the volunteers of SART
We dedicate our life to you
This is our little world
This is our little Zoo!

~Written by Denise J.

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