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Jan 28 2015

Adopting from SART

There have been some questions about why we do what we do when adopting kitties from SART. I would like to take a moment to explain why we do. When we rescue a kitty, we take care of all medical issues (fixing, inoculations, wounds and/or illnesses). While we go through this part of taking in a rescue, we also spend time with the kitty, getting to know them, gaining their trust, and helping them feel safe. Often these kitties need a lot of rehab in this area due to being on the street and dealing with the unkindness of humans.

After all of this is done and we feel that this kitty would love to be adopted, we offer it up as a possibility. However, after doing all of the items mentioned, we do not hand out kitties at a drive through window to anyone “wanting” a cat. We have invested our time, money, care and love in the animal and want to be sure that when adopted, the animal will be at least cared for as much as we do at SART. So, we ask questions, as other shelters do. We want to be sure that the interested people live where they can have a pet. We also want to know who lives in the home; ages of children, if other pets are in the home, and if so, what. This gives us good information to help guide the family in the temperament of the cat that would be most happy. However, red flags pop up sometimes, which tell us that the kitty would not be better there. Is that being nosey? No, it is being responsible as to where our animals go. We are their advocate.

So, if you are interested in adopting, go to our contact page and email us with the information so we can determine whether we can help you. Emailing is much better. We are working in the shelter every day and find it difficult to speak on the phone. Emailing can be done by us in the evenings. We love adopting to loving families who will care for this animal for its lifetime. Sometimes those homes are hard to find.

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