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Jun 05 2015

Donation challenge! This weekend only!

Wow! With all the conversation about fundraising on our Facebook page, it prompted a very devoted supporter of SART to throw out a challenge to everyone that follows us. This person is willing to match donated funds up to $1000 given to SART over this weekend. This challenge will begin at 8:00 tonight and go until 8:00 Monday morning. This is a wonderful opportunity to raise $2000 for SART to help us through while we organize a wonderful fundraiser for financial help and fun for all. So, let’s step up to the challenge and donate the dollars to be matched! How fun! You can easily and safely donate through our website¬†by going here and clicking on the PayPal Donate button:¬†http://www.sartohio.org/donate/.

Remember, at SART, anything is everything…..and it all adds up!

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