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Jan 16 2016

Can You Help?

With the new year here, our budget has been thought about good and hard. We have only donations to work with since we are a private non profit shelter. We do not receive any public or government assistance. That being said, we think that if we asked for specific needs to be faithfully donated, our money could go farther towards other shelter needs. We are very fortunate that our daily fed cat food is donated by a wonderful pet food company. We are so lucky to have this donation since we go through roughly 10,000 pounds of dry cat food each year! Treats are too expensive to dole out to 370 grateful cats, so we make our own special mix that we use as treats that is much more economical and healthy. We also have to purchase our kitten chow for the little ones to eat. We would love for 12 people to commit to purchasing one 13 pound bag or larger of the following bags each week. We use Meow Mix Tender Centers, Purina Complete, Purina Naturals and Purina Kitten Chow. To cover our needs each of these types needs to be at least a 13 pound bag. Three bags of each type is used each week.
Many of you express a desire to help and cannot volunteer. This would be a wonderful way to help us treat the cats and feed the kittens, and allow our shelter money to cover other important items. If you would be willing to purchase one of these bags each week faithfully, please email me at sue@sartohio.org so that I know. This way we can be sure all the types are purchased and that we have enough to cover our weekly need. Thank you!

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