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Adoption Form

Adoption Form

  • SART reviews this application before releasing any cat to a new home. The following questions will help us to place the cats into homes that match both the adopter’s and animal’s needs. SART reserves the right to decline the adoption of any cat for any reason if it feels the home will not be a good match.

Contact Information


Your Home


Pet History


Investment & Care



  • By sending this electronically, I acknowledge that I have completely read this questionnaire and comprehend it fully.

    I understand that applying does not ensure approval and that untruthful answers or failure to comply with the requirements of this application can result in the forfeiture of any SART adoption by me.

    I certify that the above information is correct, and I understand that the information will/can be verified.

    I understand that by submitting this form electronically, I agree to release and covenant to hold harmless SART and its members from any claims, damages, costs, or actions incurred because of the care or actions of the animal.

    I accept full responsibility for the cat(s) actions at all times, and release SART from any liabilities or damages that may be incurred because of adopting such cat(s).