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Mar 29 2014

SART has been very busy the past few months placing kitties into safe environments.  We are not able to bring new ones into the shelter at this time but have been successful in helping kitties in situations find new homes …

Feb 20 2014

Last summer a small, young female cat appeared at SART – had been dumped on the road in the heat of July to try to survive, being very pregnant and afraid.  We got her comfortable for the night and was …

Feb 06 2014

StubbyThis beautiful boy needs a good home, as do the 360 plus kitties of SART.  However, the kitties at SART are well cared for and safe until their special home comes.  Stubby will have no one.  A very kind family …

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The SART story

With small beginnings and operating from Sue's garage, SART continues to grow and take shape into a fully functional cat rescue and adoption organization. Learn about our humble beginnings that pushed us to where we are today.

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Welcome to SART Ohio

SART is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit cat adoption service in St. Marys, Ohio that is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of the strays of the community. We are determined to save cats that have been left homeless in the streets and provide them with a second chance at life in happy homes.

Our goal for this site is to develop a beneficial resource in helping our cats get a second chance. If you have any requests or suggestions, please contact us.