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About Us

Our Mission

SART is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of the strays of the community. We are determined to rescue the cats, one by one, that have been left homeless by homeowners or were born out in the streets. This is a slow process and will take a long time to accomplish, but we are determined to make a difference in the lives of these animals.

We are seeking to spay or neuter as many feral cats in the community as we possibly can to help control the cat population. These cats live in their own community, and we strive to slow the population growth by sterilizing the adults so that fewer offspring are produced. In time, this will diminish the feral cat population as well.

SART is also determined to educate the community about responsible pet ownership, what to do when a stray befriends a family, and how to help in our organization’s efforts. We hope our educational offerings help families learn the value of owning pets and the benefits that flourish by having pets in their homes.

[ View the Official Mission Statement here. ]

A Little Background

It began as a very small grassroots rescue, operating out of my garage, and normally surmounting to a couple of strays that came by or a momma and her litter of kittens. I would get them healthy and socialized, and then find homes for them with good and caring families. It truly amazed me how many strays wandered into my yard, hungry and scared, and needing aid.

My rescue attempts began to grow, and the public started to call for assistance. The little operation became known as “SART” (Sue’s Animal Rescue Team), playfully coined by friend, Bill Cheslock (Ches). I found myself saving domestic ducks, an injured goose, an abused dog and a misplaced turtle. As I discovered how much I enjoyed giving a second chance to animals placed in unfortunate circumstances, it soon become apparent that we could really make a difference.

The more rescue and rehabilitation that was done, the more it was realized that there was a definite need for a cat rescue. The garage was adjusted to become a temporary shelter, and more diligent advertising and education took place to make the public aware of the wonderful animals ready for adoption and how they, too, could help. I met Mary Koons, over the well being of a rescued cat, and a friendship was formed. Mary’s knowledge of shelter work was deeply welcomed. At that point Mary, Ches and I began planning ways to develop our operation and allow it to be more affective.

Special Thanks

The St. Marys Veterinary Clinic has been very supportive of SART and all that we are trying to accomplish. They educate, encourage, and are extremely helpful in giving opportunities to help the cats in need. Through their encouragement, SART became incorporated in the Spring of 2008, and later received its non-profit status in October.

This task was swiftly completed with the wonderful assistance of David Baumgartner, Attorney at Law. He also runs a rescue service, and offered his expertise and experience to help SART achieve this designation. A special thanks goes to the St. Marys Veterinary Clinic staff and Mr. Baumgartner for the endless ways that you have helped SART get off the ground.

Moving Forward

We are currently establishing the operation in a new facility. Thanks to countless hours of volunteer work and construction, SART’s new home has taken shape. There are still a few final items to cross of the list, but the shelter is fully operational and running smoothly. Thanks again to everyone that has helped out along the way. You’ve truly helped make a difference…

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