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May 24 2010

A Plus for the Farm Community

As most of you know, we are working with the City of St. Marys in getting the stray cats off of the streets.  When a city caught kitty comes to SART, we work with the cat for weeks to get it to trust, respond, and socialize.  We then get the animals fixed, inoculated and treated for any ailments they might have come with.  Most are then acclimated through the shelter for adoption.  But, unfortunately, there are a few that are just not ever going to be trusting of much human contact.  BUT, we want to give them a much better life than what they come from.  We are looking for clean, working farms that would welcome these cats to live in shelter, be fed daily, and appreciated for their beauty, their ability to keep away the unwanted, and to occasionally visit with at a distance.  They will not be the type that will come up to the farm house, get underfoot, or even be around the humans more than likely.

If you are a good, clean farm and would be interested in having healthy, fixed adults and don’t already have a cat population, please contact me.  We need to find a good safe place for these animals who so deserve more than eating garbage, and living under homes and in the alleyways of St. Marys.

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