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Apr 20 2012

Our kitties love coupons!

We are struggling to purchase cat food for our shelter.  Unfortunately, we are having to use a portion of donations for this purpose.  So, we got a good price for the food, and are diligently searching …

May 21 2009

It is Thursday, May 21st.  We just received a call for a litter of abandoned kittens that are approximately 3-4 weeks old.  No momma.  They need a safe place to be where it is warm, and they are fed a …

May 11 2009

We have been bombarded with cats and kittens in the last month.  Every available area is housing them at the shelter.  I have even expanded into my home with kittens at this point.    I have 3 mommas and their babies …

May 05 2009

I feel as though I need to apologize.  I have not been able to keep the site updated as I would like to, and I apologize to you for that.  The shelter has become so busy with the warm weather, …

Mar 30 2009

We will miss him

We will miss him

We were saddened Saturday when we entered the shelter.  Cyrus came to us in January, 2008.  He was a quirky adult male cat that someone had brought to the vet, paid to have neutered and asked …

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